20160821 - WA Amateur Radio News

Post date: Aug 20, 2016 5:11:42 AM

NewsWest is brought to you by WA Amateur Radio News. Production of the weekly news is our single, most intense activity. Three of us share the production, Roy does Helpline, and Onno, Andrew, Glynn and myself write and record items. And of course there are contributions from other people to help fill out our news programme.

We’d probably, between us, spend an average of 5 or more hours each every week putting the news together. This is not a complaint - we enjoy what we do, and we enjoy the privilege of being able to bring you the news, and to promote Amateur activity in Western Australia.

WAARN has other strings to its bow, and these include providing education and training. We enjoy these activities very much, and we reckon we do a good job with them.

And on top of all that, we’re all active Amateurs and spend as much time as we can on air.

So there we are. WA Amateur Radio News. New members are welcome. If you’re interested in joining in with what we do, or in supporting us, give us a shout. committee@vk6.net.