20160821 - WA VHF Group

Post date: Aug 20, 2016 5:07:07 AM

This is Ty, VK6HTY for the WA VHF Group

Hello everyone. First, Thank you to NCRG for putting on another successful Hamfest this year. The group was able to sell some surplus gear and I think everyone went home a few bargains.

At our last activity day Roger, VK6FRAN brought out his experimental Figure-8 antenna. It was tested to be in 28MHz range.

The Group has it's AGM coming up next month. A new committee and office bearers will be voted in for 2017. All members are elligible and encouraged to be part of the team to further the goals of the WA VHF Group. Nomination forms can be picked up at the next meeting Monday 22 August. As a new committee member myself this year it has been relatively painless. I think the group is game for some new ideas and energy, and there is un-tapped experience within the membership, young and old that are encouraged to come forward. So bring yourself to the AGM on 26th September. Meeting starts normal time, 7:30 for a 8:00 pm start.

Next activity day is on Saturday 3rd Sept. Door to the shack is open at 2pm. All visitors and members are welcome to join in the round table talks, do some hands-on learning or a 'show and tell' of your 'latest and greatest' experiment.

Next general meeting is on tomorrow night, 22 August, 7:30 for a 8 o'clock start with refreshments and a technical talk afterwards. This weeks topic is "RST and S-Meter readings".

Venue for meetings is the Operators Cottage at Wireless Hill, Ardross. There is wheel chair access at the main door of the cottage.

Annual membership subscriptions are $25 Metropolitan and $22 Country.

Go to www.wavhfgroup.org.au for more information.

Thank you for listening and 73 from the WA VHF Group.