20160911 - Club Focus next week

Post date: Sep 11, 2016 12:43:55 AM

Every month we take the time to promote the various clubs around Western Australia and to share with the wider community what is going on within the vibrant community that is represented by these clubs.

Our amateur community thrives because people share their experiences and talk about their successes and failures about their fun and activities.

I'd like to take this opportunity to specifically thank the WA VHF Group and the Radio Amateur Old Timers Club who have used this opportunity consistently to promote their club and its activities. A special mention also to both the WA Repeater Group, Ham College and the Hills Amateur Radio Group who have regularly contributed stories to promote their club.

A special mention of a different kind goes out to:

  • Amateur Society of Northwest Australia

  • Bunbury Radio Club

  • Geraldton Amateur Radio Group

  • Goldfields Amateur Radio Group

  • Mid West Amateur Radio Group

  • Northern Corridor Radio Group

  • Northside Radio Association

  • Peel Amateur Radio Group

  • Southern Electronics Group

  • Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network of West Australia

Perhaps you too would like to take this opportunity to contribute to the news and share what activities are going on in your club.

The email address for all contributions, large and small is newswest@vk6.net. The deadline for contributions is noon on Friday. You can submit a text story or an audio file. We use and recommend Audacity for audio production, but don't let the requirement for audio stop you. Getting the story to the team is more important than getting the audio to us.

Remember, next week, Club Focus. Or to be less polite. Pull your finger out!