20160911 - VK6ARN New Kid on the Block

Post date: Sep 11, 2016 12:56:34 AM

There's a new club callsign in Perth. W.A. Amateur Radio News is the proud owner of VK6ARN, or VK6 Amateur Radio News. The callsign will be used on special occasions, or in club activities such as contests. The news will continue to go to air under VK6WIA, and for special occasions, under VK6WI.

Bouquets are due for the WIA Office and the ACMA. The request for callsign was sent to the WIA on 23 August, and the license received from the ACMA on 6th September. That’s two weeks from go to whoa.

When you hear VK6ARN on air, you’ll know that one of Newshounds has been let off the leash.