20161002 - Director's Corner

Post date: Oct 1, 2016 12:54:54 AM

Thanks to the Southern Electronic group for both their hospitality and also for allowing me to speak at the Qunninup hamfeast. Certainly was a warm and welcoming venue sheltered from pretty blustery wet weather outside .What I had to say to the group, I will be repeating at visits to other clubs and also to a meeting that I will arrange at a later date when details of the general meeting become more clear.As the WIA director responsible for getting quotes for the audit and review it is clear that this will be an expensive exercise, maybe around $30,000. When I told SEG members this there was an audible gasp. I balanced it by pointing out that on current figures the WIA is going to lose somewhere between $50,000 and $60,000 this year and so short term pain may have a long term gain. Members will appreciate that unless action is taken to stem these losses then the $700,000 that the WIA has in assets will not last long, especially as the only real source of income at present is membership dues. If the rate of renewal of members was to fall rapidly then the losses would soar exponentially.It is almost certain that the general meeting will be held in the eastern states and I appreciate that this will make it impossible for many WIA members to attend. I have therefore produced proxy forms. The first outlines the motion that is to be discussed and voted on at the general meeting and the second is for your vote at any general meeting up to and to include the annual general meeting in Adelaide in may 2017. These will be available at meetings and online soon.

I hope to be able to continue to provide you with more information as it comes to hand. I am delighted to answer questions, on line, by email or by phone. This probably isn’t an issue for much on air discussion and certainly I will not be involving myself in some of the social media threads that so rapidly go off track and become abusive.

Paul and I have put this motion to the general meeting to protect the future of the WIA and it is not a personality attack on other members of the Institute’s Board.

WIA Director Andrew VK6AS