20161120 NewsWest for 20th November 2016

Post date: Nov 19, 2016 7:41:57 AM

In this week's NewsWest broadcast you'll hear WIA Director Andrew summarise the issues surrounding the Wireless Institute of Australia, and find out who has gained a new callsign in the last few weeks.Meanwhile, in Foundations of Amateur Radio, Onno asks "What random collection of 2m and 70cm transmitters can you use with a hand-held radio anywhere on the planet at any time?"

You will hear about the VI6SYD75 activation commemorating the 75th anniversary of the naval battle that sank HMAS Perth, and we'll talk about why it would be a good idea to attend the WIA's AGM in 2017.

Of course we have Roy's Helpline; where the meetings are; and we tell you how to find out which nets you can find on air.

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