20161218 - WIA Director resigns - UPDATED

Post date: Dec 18, 2016 9:03:01 AM

WIA news update

WIA Director Andrew Smith (VK6AS) has resigned as Director of the WIA. Attached is his letter of resignation. Andrew has also sent the following email to the President of the WIA:

Mr Wait

I have just got back to my computer having cancelled my family trip to the northwest of WA, because of what has been happening.

I have resigned, as some of you may know but no one from the Board has responded to this. I will ensure that the resignation is in writing tomorrow.

That’s fair enough, failures to communicate have happened constantly since May and are no surprise to me.

My reasons for resignation will detail the misbehaviour of this Board and I shall be reporting matters to third parties.

I am aware that I am personally liable for my actions as a Board member and as a whistleblower, I do not shrink from these liabilities. Your collective disgraceful behaviour has to be made public and if I have to suffer a civil or criminal penalty along with you all, then so be it.

You now have an incompetent Board with no financial support, how do you intend to act responsibly under the law?

Just get the ‘helicopter view” provided to you by the AICD and examine your disgraceful “Bucket Economics” and “elephants in the room” comments in AR magazine and realise that your time and that of the remaining members of the Board’s is up.

Of course my letter will be ignored, but on this occasion the issues within it will become public. I suggest that those on the Board, who believe that confidentiality constrains ex board members and officials form commenting on Company matters should get legal opinion on this constraint. My advice is that only in one circumstance can that comment can be unlawful. Please be so advised.

Andrew Smith