20170312 - VK6WIA - NewsWest For Sunday, March 12, 2017

Post date: Mar 11, 2017 11:33:25 AM

Welcome to Lemming News, brought to you by the team at WA Amateur Radio News.

We really hope you enjoyed our election special last week - and thanks again to those whos contributions and collaboration allowed us to put it to air for you.

As the West Australian State Government election winds down, the Wireless Institute of Australian Election continues. Have you voted yet? If for some reason you didn't receive your voting paper - be sure to contact the WIA as possible.

So, onto this broadcast. We have an interesting variety for you this week:

  • Some WIA Awards Information for you from Andrew VK6AS

  • Highlights for the upcoming VK5 WIA AGM in Hahndorf

  • HAARP antenna experiment update from Alaska... YES... Alaska, but there's something in it for us

  • Glynn discusses logging for the upcoming John Moyle Memorial Field Day

  • there's our normal meetings section for VK6 and a few other reminders

  • we have a bunch of other news from around the ‘net

  • and... Roy's Help Line is back, gazzumpted by our election special last week!

We start with Onno, basking in the sound of his own voice... hi... hi...

You can listen to this edition on-air, on-line or on-demand and is available for download every week from the http://vk6.net/news/ website where you'll find broadcast schedules for many repeaters across the country in VK2, VK3, VK4, VK6, VK7 and VK8. You can also subscribe to the podcast which you'll find on iTunes if you search for our callsign, VK6WIA.

Producer: Glynn, Chief Lemming, VK6PAW

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