20170408 - Open Letter to the President of the WIA

Post date: Apr 8, 2017 1:43:04 AM

The following letter was received today by the NewsWest team. It paints a disturbing picture of abuse by the now emphatically dis-endorsed WIA board, directed at Mr John Longayroux, a current member of the WIA and for many years the volunteer Treasurer of the Institute. It's clear that the current WIA board is unable to leave their role in a professional manner, instead using their remaining time to discredit long-standing volunteers.


Copy: Secretary, All Directors, All newly elected Directors, Former Directors, Former Treasurers

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WIA Auditor

8th April 2017

Mr Wait,

The recent election results have sent an unambiguous message that WIA members have had enough of the cronyism, incompetence and arrogance of the current board.

We had hoped that you (as a re-elected Director) and your fellow outgoing Directors would co-operate, respect the election process and act with dignity and honour. We were clearly mistaken.

It has come to our attention that you and outgoing Director Broomhead are providing false, misleading and potentially libellous information to the newly elected Directors, in an attempt to deflect blame from yourself.

We strongly advise against defaming hard working volunteers like John Longayroux.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the WIA. The Institute could not function without them.

There is only one group to blame for the financial debacle the institute finds itself in – the current board. An opinion obviously shared by the membership....

The FACTS are these:

    • Mr John Longayroux (WIA Treasurer, 2009-2015) did not “aid and abet” Chris Chapman to be Treasurer with the intent of collecting material for subsequent discrediting of the incumbent Directors – there was no need – you did this all by yourselves;

    • Mr. Longayroux was not the instigator nor the so called “ringleader” of the WIA Reform Group. The WIA Reform Group was formed by Chris Chapman, Glenn Dunstan and Rowan Dollar in late March 2016;

    • Mr. Longayroux was a dedicated volunteer who, for six years, managed the finances of the WIA. Inspection of formal records (and discussions with former Directors) confirms he did this professionally and for his entire tenure the accounts were in good order. All financial reports were accurate and delivered to the ACMA in a timely manner – unlike the chaos of subsequent years;

    • Mr. Longayroux implemented many improvements to financial systems during this tenure. The WIA should be indebted to Mr Longayroux for years of professional and dedicated service;

    • any consideration to change accounting systems prior to the AGM would be a foolhardy move in the current environment. All focus should be on completing the Financial Report and having it audited.

You and the current board are on notice. Any further propaganda, false statements or destabilising behaviour will be exposed and challenged.

We demand you do as you committed when you agreed to re-stand for election. Place this board into caretaker mode. Effective immediately. That commitment is even more important to remove any further suggestion of impropriety.

This board obviously no longer enjoys the confidence of members.

The members, ACMA and stakeholders have a right to expect the President to preside over an orderly and professional transition to the new administration. Over your tenure, you have engaged in a deliberate campaign of misinformation and spin. This shameful episode is just the latest in a litany of lies.

We would appreciate your acknowledgement of this correspondence and willingness to address the matters raised.


C. Chapman A Smith G. Dunstan

WIA Members

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