20170625 - Club Focus

Post date: Jun 24, 2017 6:36:55 AM

On the first weekend of every month, the NewsWest team dedicates a news programme to clubs. We call the program “Club Focus”, providing space for your club to promote itself and its activities.

Timing is important. Bearing in mind that the news goes to air on Sunday, and that we need to have your item in hand by noon Friday, you’ll need to plan ahead to promote your club’s activity.

You can give your content to us in a variety of ways, ranging from making your own recording, to supplying us with the text so that one of the NewsWest team can record it for you.

Our preferred option, of course, is that you make your own recording. It’s good to introduce different voices into the news program. If you need any help or advice on making your own recording, please contact the news team.

Getting your item to us is the easy bit Simply send it as an email attachment to newswest@vk6.net, and the deadline is noon Friday.

What to do next to ensure your club is included in next weekend’s club focus? Give your club’s PR officer a poke and get them onto it. If your club doesn't have a PR officer, I guess it will have to be you. We look forward to hearing about your club.

Club Focus