20170723 - AR Magazine Contribution for VK6 Content

Post date: Jul 23, 2017 12:47:15 AM

Amateur Radio is the magazine for the Wireless Institute of Australia. It's the way we communicate among our members, share what we've been up to and talk about discoveries, publish articles about topics of interest to Radio Amateurs, write in to the Editor and participate in our community. Every month the VK6 Notes section is published in AR Magazine with contributions from Amateurs like yourself. People who wrote a little note, sent it into Steve VK6SJ and told the rest of the world what they've been up to. Steve would like your contributions this month by the 28th of July, so you have ample time to put fingers to keyboard, chase a chicken around the yard to yank out a feather to make a quill, or to pick up the phone and chat to Steve about what is going on in your club around Amateur Radio. To save you the embarresment of reading stuff that Steve Made Up, make your contribution today. An invitation has been sent earlier in the week to every club in VK6, so if you didn't see it, you'd better get in touch and let us know that your club isn't getting emails. Steve VK6SJ is waiting for your story. steve@kennedy-sj.com.au