20170730 - WWFF

Post date: Jul 29, 2017 2:26:19 AM

On the list of growing portable activities is World Wide Flora and Fauna. Since the 2008 start by the Russian Robinson Club, it's gaining popularity at a rate of knots, in no small part thanks to Paul VK5PAS who was elected WWFF Chairman earlier this year and Peter VK3PF who became the Oceania Continental Representative.

The WWFF community is strong and busy and have a local representation in the form of the VKFF program where you'll find yourself surrounded by active amateurs who love to get on air and make noise while enjoying the outdoors. You can find several links on the resources page on the vk6.net website.

Speaking of growing, New South Wales added 13 new parks at the beginning of the month, including Blue Gum Hills and Bomaderry Creek to name two. VK6 added 31 new parks in the last two weeks including Alfred Cove, Chittering Lakes, Port Kennedy and Capel Nature Reserve and the list continues to grow. From Ellen Brook to Brookton Highway, there is a Park near you. The full list of Parks in VK can be found on the Parks N Peaks web-site, link on vk6.net - there's over 1800 parks to be activated.

If you're looking for glory, you'll be able to vie for awards and certificates, but the point of this whole thing is to draw attention to the importance of protecting nature, flora and fauna, and to encourage the development of radio skills, especially in portable operations, or if that's too big for you, get into the fresh air and make some noise.

The community itself is very welcoming, has lots of resources such as the Australian World Wide Flora & Fauna website with maps, operating tips, information on how the various park programs interact, what to do with your logs, how to tell others about your planned activities and healthy discussion about lessons learned and adventures had.

It's a global activity and you'll find a ready audience for your activation which is a perfect excuse to get some extra DXCC countries into your log while you're outdoors activating a park.

Many parks include summits and many summits are inside parks, so often you'll be in a position where your World Wide Flora and Fauna activation is also a Summit on the Air, but check the rules before you get yourself into strife when you activate your station.

For some it might be too wet to get out and play radio, but Summer is on the way and planning your new adventure doesn't have to wait until then. You'll find activation alerts and spots on the Parks N Peaks website and start working other activators today.

If you're looking for another excuse, why not set up your Remembrance Day Contest site inside a National Park on a Summit and get some serious fun happening.

The resources page on the vk6.net website will get you going on your journey towards the fresh air.

World Wide Flora and Fauna