20170827 NEWSWEST

Post date: Aug 25, 2017 10:21:48 AM

This week's Newswest theme is contesting and we have information on the Oceania dx contest, the CQWW contests, the Alara Contest and the spring VHF/UHF field day amongst others. In Bob’s commentary, he asks if there’s anyone out there, and Andrew brings a further editorial.

The news team requires your help: if you have the ability to transmit the news broadcast on 20 metres, please be in touch via newswest@vk6.net .

In addition to our weekly diary, there is news from Ham College and of the upcoming Southern Electronics Group’s Ham Feast. No news would be complete without Onno’s Foundations of Amateur Radio and of course as ever Roy has his helpline.

Remember Newswest is available on air on Sundays, and also available for download, on demand or on the Ham College Beacon. Go to vk6.net to find out how.

Andrew, VK6AS, producer for this week.