20170924 - NewsWest for Sunday 24 September 2017

Post date: Sep 28, 2017 1:57:40 AM

In the news this week it's our GET ON AIR AND MAKE SOME NOISE edition and if that's not enough, it's packed full of reminders and news from around the traps - along with our normal segments

Next week CLUB FOCUS week, so let us know what your club is up to. Send your story, or better still, a recording of your story, to newswest@vk6.net and we'll put it to air next week.

Contributions to the news this week are made by Ty VK6HTY, Bob VK6POP, Andrew VK6AS and Onno VK6FLAB. NewsWest is produced and presented by WA Amateur Radio News on behalf of Radio Amateurs in Western Australia and beyond.

Check-out the website, listen to the podcast, or listen to your local repeater. Please let us know what you think of the news and share your thoughts and contributions via email, newswest@vk6.net is the way to get in touch.

Producer: Glynn VK6PAW