20170924 - WWFF and SOTA news

Post date: Sep 28, 2017 1:40:22 AM

Paul VK5PAS tells us that he is getting a few logs from activators using the 'old' CSV file which does not include Park to Park contacts. Paul asks us to please ensure that you are using the up to date CSV file which can be downloaded from the WWFF Australia website. Check the link on VK6.net [http://www.wwffaustralia.com/csv-template.html]

Paul also reports that the latest VKFF award recipients are:

  • Cameron VK4FAAJ

  • Rick VK4RF

  • Neil VK4HNS

  • Phil VK6ADF

  • Dennis VK2HHA

  • Adam VK2YK

  • Peter VK3PF

  • Adrian VK5FANA

  • Peter VK3TKK

  • Brett VK2VW

  • Wolf DL6AG

  • Ade VK4SOE

  • Mick VK3GGG

And while we're reporting from Paul. If you have corrections to make to activator logs, please check before submitting and if you have an issue, please start by posting on the WWFF.co forum in the log corrections area. Andrew M0YMA has direct access to the database and should correct the issue pretty quickly. If you don't have any luck within a few weeks, please drop an email to Paul VK5PAS and he'll be happy to follow it up.

If you want to send SOTA Spots using the SMS gateway from Australia, you can. This is sometimes much easier than trying to fat-finger an application on a screen via the Internet. Details on how to set this up can be found via the link on VK6.net [http://www.parksnpeaks.org/ParksnPeaksSMS.php]

If you're out and about and wondering what the boundaries are for the park you're trying to activate, there's a handy set of files on the Parks N Peaks website that Marc VK3OHM points us at. You can load them into Google Earth to see all the various boundaries. You'll also find SOTA summit positions and VKFF Park Locations. The link is on VK6.net [http://parksnpeaks.org/ParksnPeaksFiles.php]