20171009 - End of VK6RTP

Post date: Oct 9, 2017 7:08:45 AM

Jono VK6DF reports the end of VK6RTP - West Australia's highest 2m repeater. On a Facebook post on the vk6 group, Jonno writes: "It is with a heavy heart i report to you the passing of the Tom Price repeater."

He shared the following photos.

Jono goes on to say in an email:

VK6RTP, W.A's highest repeater (1128m asl) located in the Pilbara town of Tom Price servicing Tom Price, Paraburdoo and a chunk of Karajini National Park was unfortunately destroyed by fire on Sunday evening.

This repeater was installed in 2009 in what was known as the " Old STC hut" located at the very peak of Mt Nameless. This hut originally used to house all the emergency services repeater equipment before they were all relocated to the main Rio Tinto building and tower in 2010 leaving the space free and available for amateur use.

The Repeater comprised of a Spectra MX800 and laptop with an iLinkboard interface for echolink with a 3g modem and a set of WARG's special "green" cavity filters which were originally from the Karratha repeater years before.

The Antenna provided by Craig VK6FLAM was a diamond F23H which gave 100km+ radius (give or take with some hills in the way) of coverage

I'd like to thank Craig VK6FLAM, Steve VK6HV, Michael VK6TU and Matt VK6MRG who have all had some input in some way shape or form in the operation of this repeater.


This is what it looked like before the destruction: