20171203 WWFF Australia - VKFF

Post date: Dec 2, 2017 1:59:30 AM

From the feeds into NewsWest – a quick coverage of what’s happening on WWFF Australia, VKFF.

CONGRATULATIONS to the latest VKFF award recipients......

Liz VK2XSE - Bronze VKFF Hunter

Brett VK2VW - VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 425

Mike DG5LAC - Bronze VKFF Hunter

Mick VK3GGG - VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 800

Paul VK5PAS - VKFF Hunter Honour Roll 800

Preliminary analysis for the 2017 VKFF Activation Weekend shows.....

50 x different amateurs took part (including 2 clubs).

80 x different parks were activated (in all States & Territories, incl VK8).

Once all of the logs have gone in, Paul VK5PAS, will prepare a final report on the weekend and start issuing participation certificates for the Activators.

For those that did not register, but did go out to activate a park, please drop Paul a quick email, so that he can send out an Activator's participation certificate.

Thanks to everyone who took part, either as an Activator or a Hunter.

Thanks to all of the State/Territory reps, for uploading a lot of logs (and more to come).

If you’ve got logs to send in, a reminder that all VKFF logs need to be sent to the relevant State/Territory VKFF representatives, who in turn will upload the log/s. Links in this story at VK6.net

WWFF has a newly developed Agenda – links from VK6.net

If you do intend to activate a park, please consider placing an alert on the Agenda, along with other excellent platforms such as parks’n’peaks. It will alert a lot of park hunters of your intentions, and will no doubt increase the number of callers you receive.

One of the advantages of the new Agenda, is that alerts appear immediately, and do not require Admin approval. Adding your alert is quick and easy.

In preparation for this story, I also headed to the website of Paul, VK5PAS. We also know Paul, VKFF National-cordinator lives and breathes WWFF, and he and his XYL Maria VK5FMAZ are at it again, on a mega road trip of national parks. Head to VK5PAS.org and take a read – a quick warning – you may be there for a while – it’s pretty spectacular. A great way to get out and enjoy our hobby.


Paul Vk5PAS – http://VK6PAS.org

A reminder that all VKFF logs need to be sent to the relevant State/Territory VKFF representatives, who in turn will upload the log/s.

They are......

VK1 ACT - Ian VK1DI - mr_ian_sinclair@yahoo.com.au

VK2 New South Wales - Gerard VK2IO - vk2io@amsat.org

VK3 Victoria - Mick VK3GGG - cqcq@mail.com

VK4 Queensland - Mark VK4SMA - vk4sma@optusnet.com.au

VK5 South Australia - Paul VK5PAS - vk5pas@wia.org.au

VK6 Western Australia - Hans VK6XN - hansfair@gmail.com

VK7 Tasmania - Jonathan VK7JON - vk7ff@vk7jon.com

VK8 Northern Territory - Hans VK6XN - hansfair@gmail.com

More info at..... https://www.wwffaustralia.com/vkff-team.html

The newly developed WWFF Agenda, can be found at: http://wwff.co/agenda/