20180128 - Amateur News this week

Post date: Jan 27, 2018 8:02:55 AM

The 2017 VKFF Weekend Activation results are dribbling in. Paul VK5PAS asks that VK6AHR, VK5GY and VK8ZKZ send in their logs. Without those there were 75 different parks activated across the weekend with 46 amateurs getting all hot and bothered during the exchanges.

There were 2307 contacts made with 865 of them between parks. If you took place and you sent in your log, that's a subtle hint to VK6AHR, VK5GY and VK8ZKZ, then you'll receive an Activator Participation certificate.

While we're on the subject of VKFF congratulations come from the awards fairy to:

  • Gerard VK2IO

  • Mark VK4SMA

  • John VK5BJE

  • Steve VK7CW

  • Stephen VK2USH

  • Uwe DL2ND

  • Glen VK4FARR

  • Matt VK4FMHT

If you're looking at renewing or joining the WIA, Bill VK6WJ reminded us that there is a commonwealth pensioner rate for membership to the WIA, $80 instead of $95 for the rest of us not quite at that point in our lives. Andrew VK6AS pointed out that you could also become a WIA Associate for free.

Steve VK6ST shared a link to a station tour of WWV Fort Collins Colorado, one of the stations responsible for sending out timing signals across 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 MHz. Gavin VK6HGR then shared a link to the Australian equivalent VNG and then Andrew came and sent in a link to a technical description on how VNG operated when it was on the air. You can find the links on vk6.net




The Republic of Kosovo is now active on air with Z6OA on the air since the 23rd of January. The Kosovo IARU Society is hosting the 10th anniversary activation celebrating Kosovo's independence in February 2008.

TX Factor Issue 20 is now available online, the link is on vk6.net


Andrew VK6AS started a conversation about the ultimate shack location. Where would you set up your new home on the air and more importantly, why there? Apart from the suggestions of picking out Boolardy station, the home of the Square Kilometre Array, suggestions included a wheat belt town with Fibre to the Node and a Coles or Woolies nearby, Cunderdin came to mind, Shark Bay, Kalbarri and Bakers Hill were also mentioned. If you have a suggestion on where you'd set up your new amateur friendly home, I'm sure Andrew will be very interested to know.

David VK3IL proved once and for all that amateur radio is more than 1000 hobbies when he introduced a sewing project into the SOTA mailing list. If you'd like to find out how best to use your sewing skills in relation to your hobby of choice, amateur radio, check out David's project a DIY throw bag and a DIY hiking and trekking pole guy set. The link is on vk6.net.


Eddie VK6YA sent out an email asking for comment on band plan changes relating to Digital Amateur TV in VK6. If you'd like to find out more, get in touch with Eddie. His contact details are on vk6.net.