20180128 - Ross Hull Memorial Contest

Post date: Jan 27, 2018 8:00:14 AM

We're getting to the end of the 2018 Ross Hull memorial contest which runs throughout the month of January. With just a few days to go, you need to finalise your contacts and start looking at what to do with the logs.

This contest started in 1950 to honour Ross A Hull who pioneered achievements in the study of tropospheric propagation and the development of new equipment techniques for the higher bands.

Even if you didn't operate all of January, there are awards for the best seven days, but even if you haven't started yet, there are two day effort awards.

Award categories include analogue and digital.

Scoring is pretty straightforward, 1 point per 100km. There are multipliers for each band. 6m gives you double points, 2m triples your effort, 70cm quintuples your distance, 23cm makes it octupled and if you want to go higher still, then you get to decuple your distance.

Any amateur logging software can be used, but if you're new to this, get a hold of VKCL, the VK Contest Logger, developed by Mike VK3AVV. The link for download of this free software is on vk6.net where you'll also find a link to the WIA contest page for the Ross Hull Memorial Contest and a link to the 2018 rules.

If you've done all the work, make sure you send your log in. The details can be found in the rules. The link is on vk6.net