20180311 - Amateur Satellite operation

Post date: Mar 10, 2018 8:07:34 AM

If you're into Satellites and you happen to be in Surrey in British Columbia in Canada, then you should check out the talk by Clint K6LCS on Wednesday at 7pm.

The meeting will be at the LDS Church and Hall at 6270 126 St in Surrey/

You'll get a full rundown on what you'll need to work the FM voice satellites and you might be surprised to learn that you already likely have everything you need. In case you're confused, you can work an Amateur Satellite from anywhere on the globe, not just in Canada.

There's a link on the vk6.net website with a four-page tutorial on how to get started and if you don't happen to be in Kanukistan on Wednesday, there's nothing stopping you from reading the tutorial without the guidance from Clint.


You can even check out more about satellite communications in the Surrey Amateur Radio Club newsletter with over 50 pages of Amateur Radio News from the South West corner of Canada. One reader calls it "a wonderful publication. Terrific layout, great writing, wonderful artwork. This is amazing."

The link is on vk6.net.


Thanks to John VE7TI