20180311 - Next Week - John Moyle Memorial Field Day

Post date: Mar 10, 2018 8:02:50 AM

The John Moyle Memorial Field Day is next weekend, starts 0100 UTC on Saturday, that's 9:00am Perth time and runs for 24 hours.

There are already several stations committed to be on-air, the Hills Amateur Radio Group, the WA VHF Group, the Northern Corridor Radio Group, the WA Amateur Radio News Team and no doubt there will be many other stations getting on air and making noise.

You can participate for as much or as little as you like, awards exist for both home and portable stations and for 6 hour or 24 hour operations. A link to the rules can be found on the vk6.net website.


One thing to note is that the contest runs in three hour blocks, so you can speak to the same station on the same band every three hours, check the rules for specific requirements.

As a bonus, you can work any station on the planet and claim points. If you're outside of VK, ZL and P2, that's Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, then you too can play, but you'll have to talk to a station in one of those three countries to make any points.

Martin VK6ZMS who has been actively promoting the contest suggests that in VK6 we operate a liason frequency to keep each other awake, 7105 during the day and 3610 at night. The 2m and 70cm calling frequencies are also a great place to hang out. More details on the vk6.net website.

[2m: 144.100 SSB, 146.500 fm]

[70cm: 432.100 SSB, 439.00 fm]