CIARC - Christmas Island Amateur Radio Club (VK9JD)

Post date: May 6, 2018 7:30:03 AM

One of the great skills of amateur radio is our ability to relay on messages.

Doing just that, Alek VK6APK, VK6 QSL manager passed on a message for Doug Haig, previously VK8JD…

now VK9JD - on Christmas Island - voice of the Red Crab.

Doug arrived on the island in January and is now settling down and deciding what he’s going to do. Cliff, VK9VKL left Doug some some masts and antennas, so now he’s looking for a place to install.

On the side, he’s also in the process of starting up the CIARC, the Christmas Island Amateur Radio Club.

In the original correspondence, Doug was looking for 5 members to help the CIARC incorporate and become WIA affiliated, but has already exceeded that number. Not to stop there - if anyone else would like to join as a foundation member of the club - he’d love to hear from you.

The CIARC will initially need following equipment to support visiting amateurs ... Field Strength Meter, 2m Repeater, 2m Base/and Handheld, hardware for masts and antennas.

Ongoing, the club is looking for HF and digital gear, antenne tuners and alike.

Sounds like we need to hook Doug up with Roy’s HelpLine.

The aim of the CIARC will be to foster amateur radio, prepare club/aerial for visitor amateur use, community support of the island in events and emergencies, "and maybe to organise DXepedtions"

So, if you, or someone else who would like to become foundation member or assist as member, with gear or technical support and the occasional visit, be sure to get in contact with Doug.

Contact Details:

Douglas - Foundation O


Voice of the Red Crab - VK9JD

Mobile: 0448-583699


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