Directors to Hold Meetings

Post date: Oct 8, 2016 10:02:55 AM

If you have received and read the recent issue of Amateur Radio magazine you will have seen that either I, or the issues that I have raised at the WIA have been described as the elephant in the room and for your information all Board members have recently officially been reminded that conduct detrimental to the company is an offence under the corporations act. In view of this think it very important that communication does not ceaseIf these statements are intended to stifle discussion about the WIA that isn’t going to happen. As I have mentioned before Directors are personally liable for the actions of the Board. If I was to ignore the fact that there is inadequate governance and almost no policies or procedures and that the Board is unaware of the WIA’s financial position, I would be derelict in my duty of care. That’s why these issues have been raised. It may be unfortunate that all of this is in the public domain but as the Board was not prepared to examine, let alone accept change, that is what has happened.

So that Paul VK5PAS and I can better inform the membership and other interested amateurs about what is happening, we are touring vk5 next week, speaking at three meetings and then we will be visiting VK3 in the second week of November to address clubs at various venues. There will be a meeting in VK6 on 22nd October thanks to WA Amateur Radio News and Bob VK6POP has details of this to share with you. Subject to our financial resources we would hope to visit other states as well. If you can get to a meeting please do so.

The reports that we give will be factual statements relating to the reasons that a general meeting is to be called, the cost implications of an audit and review, together with the outcomes that are expected to be achieved by all of this.

These sessions will not in any way be a personal attack on any individual or bloc of Board members nor will it be propaganda. As a director I have the responsibility to share factual information with the membership and that is what I shall be doing.

This is WIA director Andrew VK6AS