NewsWest 9th June 2019 - History of Amateur Radio

Post date: Jun 8, 2019 2:37:47 AM

Welcome to NewsWest, the local Amateur Radio programme for Western Australia. Today we look at the history of Amateur Radio, with snippets from as far back as 1924. As we do these history segments, it’s quite clear that we are facing very similar issues as did our Grandfathers in the hobby. Will it ever change?The team this week is Andrew, Mike, Dan and Roy, and myself, Bob VK6POP, the producer for this week. Steve VK6SJ discusses the JIm Rumble Award, a VK6 “amateur of the Year” award.

There’s an item about New Packet Radio by Steve VK6ST, however Steve lost his voice last week, and so you’ll hear it in another voice.

Andrew will be our Roving Reporter for a few weeks, as he wanders around down there on the bottom of the world, in the Northern Hemisphere, while Dan brings us an interview with Steve VK6CS, talking about his visit to Radio Caroline, way back when.

Roy regales us with his weekly helpline, and there’s more. All on NewsWest, The best all Amateur Radio news you’ll hear.

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