Post date: Jan 20, 2018 7:23:23 AM

In the news this week, we take a long hard look at new amateurs, what they can do, where to start, what myths exists around the Foundation License and what is going on in the social scene about Foundation Calls. We'll have an update on the Peel Amateur Radio Group meetings next week and the Swap Meet on the 4th of February.

Australia Day is around the corner and you know that means that you can dust off your AX prefix.

We'll look at satellite communication, news production and I'll introduce you to GNU Radio in Foundations of Amateur Radio.

Roy has a new helpline, the Katanning Hamfeast is on next week, and we'll give you a rundown of what other activities there are in amateur radio this week.

This is NewsWest, produced by WA Amateur Radio News for shortwave listeners, radio amateurs in Western Australia and beyond and it's for you.

Producer: Glynn VK6PAW

Duration: 29m06s