Norman VK6GOM on ABC TV

Post date: Jun 29, 2018 3:07:51 PM

Social media is a buzz this week after the Australian Broadcasting Corporation featured a video and print article on WA”s own Norman Gomm VK6GOM.

The article describes amateur radio as "having all the benefits of social media but without any of the downsides".

Although Norman says it is also the perfect hobby for retirees looking to stay mentally sharp - he actually started in his early forties - like someone else I know.

"I find it's very good for me," Mr Gomm told the ABC amid a dazzling display of flashing lights and crackling radio static.

Norman goes on to describe how ham radio requires a lot of cognitive skills and a lot of understanding technology, so he find that's very good for keeping himself active.

The article also features the Bunbury Radio Club’s Richard Oxley, VK6VRO, who keeps things pretty simple and operates from a make-shift table in his backyard.

Richards spend most of his day outside so it made sense to broadcast from there.

Legally blind since age three, Richard says he had "no trouble" getting his head around ham radio.

His particular model of radio has a 10-digit key pad, so can can feel his way around no worries. All he needs to do is press a button and the his radio tells him the frequency he’s on.

This positive ABC newspiece is a great promotion for our hobby of amateur radio. Pop onto the internet and watch it for yourself.