20170709 NewsWest for Sunday July 9th 2017

Post date: Jul 8, 2017 10:11:02 AM

In NewsWest this week we lead with a story of a real life Amateur Radio club versus bureaucracy skirmish, where it pays to challenge the bureaucrats. All users of a club license will be interested in the outcome, and the full story will be published on the vk6.net website.

In our monthly focus on Australian Amateur Radio history, we have sourced items from the Australian Amateur Radio magazine for July 1943 and 44.

You will hear about Scouts in the Northern Hemisphere on the air over the next few weeks as they run their jamborees.

Full details here: http://jotajoti.info/radio-active-this-season/

There’s a discussion on Amateur Radio operators and Social Media, and of course our regular weekly features of Foundations of Amateur Radio from Onno, Andrew’s Editorial and Roy’s Helpline.

You can access NewsWest at our website, VK6.net, where NewsWest can be downloaded or heard via podcast.

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If you believe any of the programme content to be in error, you’re invited to commence a discussion with us. NewsWest can be contacted by email, newswest at vk6 dot net.