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20170525 - WIA AGM response

posted May 24, 2017, 4:38 PM by News Team

WIA news update
The outgoing WIA board distributed a pack with information prior to the AGM held last Saturday. The document outlines the official response to the disallowed motions on notice. This document has been scanned and can be downloaded as a PDF.

20170521 - NewsWest for Sunday 21 May 2017

posted May 20, 2017, 4:27 AM by Glynn Davies   [ updated May 20, 2017, 5:27 AM ]

It’s been another busy week for the NewsWest team, with multiple deadlines and Andrew heading over to Adelaide.

In this broadcast:
- Onno talks about the evolution of amateur radio over time and its technical diversity
- Andrew in his editorial explains the challenges the new WIA board have in front of them in the wake of the AGM – and why it’s important to us as members
- We hear from Ty and what’s coming up next at the WA VHF Group
- Targeting new (and sometimes old) HAMs, we discuss:

- Some advice for once you get your license – with 3 possible first steps to get you started,

- What you can expect on air,

- And why it’s important to join the WIA.

- A few quick reminders about meetings, the upcoming 800th Technet, as well as the VK Shires Contest
- and… Roy’s back – looking to hear from YOU… yes… You!!

In late breaking news, Andrew has called in to give us an update from the Wireless Institute of Australia Annual General Meeting….
A special thanks to Andrew for taking time out after the AGM in Hahndorf to call us, and working with Onno to get this in time for our production deadline.

Producer: Glynn VK6PAW

20170514 - NewsWest for Sunday 14 May 2017

posted May 13, 2017, 1:31 AM by News Team

In the news this week we look at the 800th edition of the Friday Night Technet hosted by Reg VK6BQQ, the current Solar Flux, the Helpline, Andrew's Editorial, Foundations of Amateur Radio and meetings this week.

We also take a look at what's making news this week in our hobby and what made the news 50 years ago this month in our historic look at AR Magazine thanks to Will VK6UU.

This week the outgoing board of the Wireless Institute of Australia confirms that is chasing shadows and continues to support secrecy. In a statement on the WIA website the board states that "The WIA has also decided not to stream this year’s AGM and Open Forum proceedings." the reason given is that there is "no ability to vet its content prior to transmitting". That means that there are things that might come up during the AGM that the WIA board wants to hide and censor.

This decision was made despite a petition that received 80 signatures within 24 hours, currently it has over a hundred signatures and counting. We have been advised that many WIA members will be recording these public proceedings despite this Orwellian board decision.

The WA Amateur Radio News team continue to receive copies of Motions on Notice submitted to the WIA Secretary. There are currently at least 10 motions on Notice which the board has decided won't be accepted because the motions were sent after the agenda was posted in the March 2017 edition of AR Magazine. According to the board, this means that only motions accepted somewhere in January would be acceptable. Long before the election results were known.

Additionally the board released the current accounts and invited questions to be submitted before the 8th of May. The three former Treasurers have submitted three pages of questions which to date have not been acknowledged by the board. You can read these questions on the website where you'll also find copies of the Motions on Notice.

We wish the incoming board all the best and trust that they'll be forthcoming with the information that the outgoing board is desperate to hide.

On-to other Amateur Radio News this week.

The team who activated Amsterdam Island are working on getting to Bouvet Island in the South Atlantic Ocean, midway between the Antarctic, the tip of Africa and the tip of South America. The project, started in 2007, has inched forwards with a Letter of Intent signed with a Chilean maritime and aviation company who took some of the team to Peter Island in 2006. This is likely the most expensive DXpedition ever attempted and the operating team have committed to fund up to 50% of the costs. Find the link to donate on the website.

Staying on the parks theme, during the AGM weekend several VK5 amateurs are going to make themselves available to take teams of three out into the parks around Hahndorf on Sunday morning next week. If you're at the AGM, meet at the Gums Bistro at the Hahndorf Resort Tourist Park at 9am SHARP.

And finally this week, as indicated previously, Midway and Kure Islands have been reinstated as DXCC entities. Turns out that these two islands had been incorrectly removed as DXCC entities. So, you should probably recover those deleted log entries, since they are worth two countries in your log.

Producer: Onno VK6FLAB

20170507 - NewsWest for Sunday 7 May 2017

posted May 5, 2017, 5:07 PM by News Team

Welcome to this weeks edition of the news. This is Andrew, producer for this bulletin. The theme is that of club focus but unfortunately the amount of material forthcoming for us to put to air has been underwhelming, significantly due to the short notice of the request by the news team as a result of a lack of our forward planning. Anyway thanks to the clubs that have given us copy. Roy missed out last week but he’s back with a vengeance with a super edition of the helpline. Onno has a further insight into our hobby and I have more from the WIA. How did you go in the Harry Angel sprint? Don’t forget to get your log in. Here’s Glynn….

20170505 800th Milestone Friday Night Technet

posted May 5, 2017, 7:11 AM by Glynn Davies   [ updated May 5, 2017, 7:15 AM ]

On the 27th of May 2017 here in Perth, or to be more specific, the 26th of May Ontario time, Reg, VK6BQQ will be running the 800th Friday Night Technet. For years we’d heard the net at 9am or 0100UTC on VK6RFM, and more recently on VK6RLM net, on the Techlink conference, and on IRLP node 9229.

Not only is 800 a major milestone, but thanks to John, the manager at the WA RAAF Association Aviation Heritage Museum in Bull Creek, Reg will operating the ‘net on the 27th of May from inside the Lancaster bomber at the museum. This is a great opportunity to promote amateur radio, the museum – and to help Reg celebrate the 800th Technet milestone.

Take a look at VK6BQQ on, the WA Aviation Heritage Museum, or via the links below.

The TechNet -

WA RAAF Association Heritage Museum -

20170501 - New Funeral Location for Gerald VK6AGT (SK)

posted May 1, 2017, 1:35 AM by News Team

Please be advised that the funeral for Gerald Tompkins VK6AGT will now be held at the Alambie Park Chapel at 3pm. This Thursday and NOT at the Bethany Funeral Parlour as previously advertised.

Please pass this on to as many as you can that may be attending that do not have access to this system.
Source: John Dowsett  VK6RD

20170430 - In The News

posted Apr 29, 2017, 10:24 PM by News Team

Amateur news
In the news this week with an Activation of Mt Kaputar by Brett VK2BNN, using an FT-817. He has been having some challenges with the power settings of his radio, but as the SOTA Australia group advised him, it was more likely to be an Antenna, rather than a power issue, which lead to the recommendation to set the radio to display SWR on transmit, a recommendation that is also useful for many other radios and mobile activators.

Andrew VK1DA is looking for information about the NESCAF audio filter kit as a way to provide some narrowing of the audio bandwidth of a receiver for use on CW. If you have any personal actual experience, Andrew would love to hear from you. Head over to the SOTA_Australia mailing list to get in touch.

Liz VK2XSE is looking for information about antenna masts in Adelaide and asks how antenna regulations work in VK5. You can get in touch with Liz via the WWFFAustralia list.

Steve VK6SJ reminds us that the deadline for the June Edition of AR magazine is looming and he's looking for information from you and your club.

Glenn VK3YY activated Mt Jalla, on Jeju Island in South Korea on the 13th of April, a 1950m peak and the highest summit in South Korea. He's written a blog about the adventure, complete with photos. Get the link from the website.

VKFF awards have this week been bestowed on Mario IS0LYN, John VK4TJ, Greg VK2EXA, Grant VK2LX, Murray VK4MWB and the VK6 SOTA Association Manager, John VK6NU. Congratulations to all.

John VK6NU also reminds us that if you ever hear someone calling CQ Parks, they're operating from a National Park and they need contacts for their log. You don't have to track the contacts, they will and if you keep it up, you'll find yourself receiving awards and glory, so, there's no excuse. You can find more information at the WWFF website, the Parks N Peaks site and the WWFF Australia site, links on

Brian VK3MI shares with us that there were 23 VK stations on air during the 2017 Commonwealth Contest, an excellent turnout considering the poor conditions to our part of the world. There were 17 teams in the team category and our teams achieved 3rd and 6th placing – so a pretty decent outcome. Congratulations to all. You can find the results via the website.

The Daily DX revisits the deletion of KH4, Midway and Kure Island because they now form part of a Marine National Monument. Bill K5FUV goes into the deep history of the DXCC list, which included these islands since the inception of the DXCC program in 1937. For a fascinating read and a solid conclusion that the islands should be re-instated as DXCC entities, check out the article on the Daily DX. You'll find the link on

Alek VK6APK lets us know that the Bunbury Radio Club has managed to eradicate the mice in the repeater hut who took the VK6RBY 2m repeater off the air for a long time. Test kerchunks are welcome on 146.650 MHz.

And finally, Grant VK2GEL points us at a tranquil article on "The Benefits of Solitude" as the reason for doing SOTA and VKFF. The article investigates the positive effects of spending time alone.

On April 14, 1934, Richard Byrd went out for his daily walk. The air was the usual temperature: minus 57 degrees Fahrenheit. He stepped steadily through the drifts of snow, making his rounds. And then he paused to listen. Nothing.

He attended, a little startled, to the cloud-high and over-powering silence he had stepped into. For miles around the only other life belonged to a few stubborn microbes that clung to sheltering shelves of ice. It was only 4 p.m., but the land quavered in a perpetual twilight. There was—was there?—some play on the chilled horizon, some crack in the bruised Antarctic sky. And then, unaccountably, Richard Byrd’s universe began to expand.

Visit the website for the link.

No doubt there was more news around, but we didn't see it and you didn't send it to us. The address is

20170426 - WIA AGM Motions on Notice

posted Apr 26, 2017, 3:01 AM by News Team   [ updated May 10, 2017, 1:53 AM ]

WIA news update
The Wireless Institute of Australia will hold the Annual General Meeting in May at Hahndorf in South Australia. The meeting will be the single venue where the WIA membership can obtain detailed and direct information from the outgoing board, which in an emphatic vote by the membership sees six new faces take office at the conclusion of the meeting.

Any WIA member can contact the Secretary of the Institute, Mr Jim Linton, with motions to be added to the Agenda for the AGM. Several WIA members have shared with us their motions and today we are putting these in the Public Domain, to allow the WIA membership time to prepare itself for these motions and to put the Secretary and outgoing Board on Notice that he is being watched very closely by the membership after previously declaring unilaterally that the General Meeting called for by members was dis-allowed.

The members have advised us that they have presented these motions in writing to the Secretary who has declined to acknowledge or confirm receipt. WA Amateur Radio News is aware that several of these have been submitted to the WIA as Registered Mail and we have evidence that the office has received these motions. We also need to point out that we are aware of further motions that have been made to the Secretary of the WIA.

The motions are:
  1. That the Secretary, having been provided with this motion on notice and pursuant to Section 250s of the Corporations Act, to be transacted as special business at the 2017 WIA AGM, provide in hard copy at this meeting, the Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet for 2017 Year to Date ended 30 April 2017. Should the Directors be unable to fulfil this request then the same reports be provided in hard copy for the first quarter of 2017 (ie. 1 January – 31 March 2017)

  2. That the Secretary, having been provided with this motion on notice and pursuant to Section 250s of the Corporations Act, to be transacted as special business at the 2017 WIA AGM, declare in writing at this meeting, what actions the Board took to oversee the appointment, value for money, performance and remuneration including superannuation and any other costs to the WIA of Fred Swainston (Trainsafe) in the paid capacity of Office Administrator.

  3. That the Secretary, having been provided with this motion on notice and pursuant to Section 250s of the Corporations Act, to be transacted as special business at the 2017 WIA AGM, declare in writing at this meeting, what actions, mechanisms and processes the Board followed to manage the members’ funds during 2016.

  4. That the Secretary, having been provided with this motion on notice and pursuant to Section 250s of the Corporations Act, to be transacted as special business at the 2017 WIA AGM, provide to this meeting, in hard copy, the Performance and Financial Reports provided to the ACMA for Financial years 2015 and 2016.

  5. That the Secretary, having been provided with this motion on notice, to be transacted as special business at the 2017 WIA AGM, declare in writing at this meeting, the total number of members on the register of the Association, in all categories, the number of AR magazines delivered by post on a monthly basis, the number of members that have elected to receive AR magazine electronically, and the number of final notices issued to members, by date of issue. All the data to be detailed for the years 2014, 2015, 2016 and up to 30th April 2017.

  6. That the Secretary, having been provided with this motion on notice, to be transacted as special business at the 2017 WIA AGM, declare in writing at this meeting, all benefits whether financial or in kind provided to employees, consultants, directors or members of the WIA during the financial years of 2014, 2015, 2016 and up to 30th April 2017, together with the record of the processes and Board approvals for such benefits.

  7. That the Secretary, having been provided with this motion on notice, to be transacted as special business at the 2017 WIA AGM, declare in writing at this meeting, contemporaneous records of each and every meeting between the WIA and the ACMA in relation to the deed between the two organisations together with all or any variations, as referred to in paragraph 27.1 of the deed, since the deed was originally signed.

  8. That the Secretary, having been provided with this motion on notice, to be transacted as special business at the 2017 AGM, declare in writing at this meeting, the reason for each and every statement that was declared invalid in the call for a general meeting with a motion for the removal of Directors.

  9. That the Secretary, having been provided with this motion on notice, to be transacted as special business at the 2017 WIA AGM, declare in writing at this meeting:
    • The arrangements and contracts in place surrounding the publication of "Amateur Radio" magazine?
    • Who is the contractor, how was the contractor initially sought out and does the contractor have any direct or indirect association with any Board member past or present?
    • When was the contract last renewed and what is the duration of the arrangement?
    • How much does the WIA pay monthly to the contractor and what are the outstanding liabilities for the duration of this contract?
    • What are the liabilities associated with exiting the arrangement?

  10. That the Secretary, having been provided with this motion on notice, to be transacted as special business at the 2017 WIA AGM, declare in writing at this meeting,
    1. What are the educational qualifications of Mr Fred Swainston?
    2. How does Mr Fred Swainston assess potential assessors' educational qualifications and decide who receives "Recognition of Prior Learning" for their educational qualifications?

[27 April - Edited: Added an eighth motion]
[1 May - Edited: Added ninth motion]
[10 May - Edited: Added tenth motion]

20170424 - Walk to d'Feet MND WA 2017

posted Apr 24, 2017, 1:37 AM by News Team

Walking to D'Feet MND 2017
On Sunday 7th May, Gaye Gelok, wife of Wally VK6YS (SK), and her family are joining the Walk to D'feet MND, which gets bigger every year and raises very much needed funds to find a cause and therefore a cure for this awful disease. It would be amazing if you could sponsor our team (via the below link) by making a donation, no matter how small to help in this fundraising event. It would also be fantastic if you would forward the below link to others in your network of family, friends and colleagues to help us make a difference.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best wishes, Gaye

20170423 - NewsWest for Sunday, 23 April 2017

posted Apr 21, 2017, 9:58 PM by News Team

This Week
Welcome to a special ANZAC Themed broadcast, brought to you by the team at WA Amateur Radio News.

There's quite a variety for you in today's broadcast:
  • Onno's "Foundations of Amateur Radio" and other regular segments
  • an update from the WA VHF group
  • some upcoming contest information
  • an update on some recent SOTA activities
  • news from around the ‘net
  • reminders from Ham College and News Call Backs
  • Roy's has a quick line-up in Helpline
  • and Glynn ends with something for you to reflect on for ANZAC Day.
You can listen to this edition on-air, on-line or on-demand and it's available for download every week from the website where you'll also find broadcast schedules for many repeaters across the country in VK2, VK3, VK4, VK6, VK7 and VK8. You can also subscribe to the podcast which you'll find on iTunes if you search for our callsign, VK6WIA.

Producer: Glynn VK6PAW

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