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20170323 - soapbox - have your say

posted Mar 22, 2017, 7:15 PM by News Team   [ updated Mar 23, 2017, 4:25 AM by Glynn Davies ]

The NewsWest team is extending an invitation to you to record a soapbox segment in which you are welcome to make your contribution to the discussion on a topic of interest to Radio Amateurs in Western Australia.

There are no restrictions - other than those associated with content suitable for on-air use on Amateur Radio frequencies.

From a technical perspective:
  • 3 minutes.
  • 44 kHz sample rate.
  • 256 kbit mono audio
  • MP3
We use and recommend audacity to record and edit audio.

If you are having trouble recording your audio, please don't hesitate to get in touch so we can help you figure something out.

Please email your contribution or any questions to:

20170319 - VK6WIA - NewsWest for Sunday, 19 March 2017

posted Mar 17, 2017, 12:01 AM by News Team

This Week
In this week's edition of NewsWest we have information of Amateur Radio activities including World Amateur Radio Day, the Jakarta DX Contest and an update from Ham College. There is our regular diary of the weeks meetings. No news is complete without Roy's helpline, but unfortunately Roy's circumstances this week mean that the hasn't been able to record his usual segment. Hopefully he'll be back next week.

There is a report that our hobby's regulator, the ACMA may be considering auditing the WIA. There is a round up of the proxy situation for the WIA AGM and also if you are more comfortable sitting at your radio than dealing with a company audit I attempt to explain what an audit is about and how it is performed. Which reminds me, you will have noted the announcement that the WIA office was closed for some days this week so that the audit could take place. That's is strange as I have had an email exchange with the auditor in the last few days. He informed me that only a planning meeting had so far happened, I wonder what was actually occurring at WIA HQ? No doubt time will tell. 

Thanks for listening to this edition of the news. Please keep information on AR activities coming in to Please be active on social and other media but above all make some noise, get on air!

Thanks go to the contributors to this bulletin, in all forms of media, Onno, Glynn, Roy and others who have provided us with information.

If you haven't got your postal vote in to the WIA you had better get a wiggle on. You may need to consider express post in view of the current delay in delivery times for snail mail to the eastern states 

Have a safe week ahead and the team looks forward to bringing you a further bulletin of NewsWest next week.

As usual Onno has lots of interesting stuff to tell us so off we go...

You can listen to this edition on-air, on-line or on-demand and is available for download every week from the website where you'll also find broadcast schedules for many repeaters across the country in VK2, VK3, VK4, VK6, VK7 and VK8. You can also subscribe to the podcast which you'll find on iTunes if you search for our callsign, VK6WIA.

Producer: Andrew VK6AS

20170317 - Jakarta DX Contest

posted Mar 16, 2017, 5:02 PM by News Team

Jakarta DX Contest
Karsono YB0NDT the Contest Manager of the Jakarta DX Contest has sent us an invitation to participate in the Jakarta DX Contest with the slogan "Challenging You To The World". It is a primary DX Contest on 40 Meters Band SSB only, which is where many local Indonesian Radio Amateurs especially Novice/Beginner level (YD/YG) are allowed to work DX Stations.

On 13th May 2017, please put mark on your DX Contest Calendar for Jakarta DX Contest 2017 and dig deep for your enthusiasm and effort to fight the Band Propagation along this year.

You'll be challenged more during this contest, seeking after YB stations whom are joining contest to get multiplier points. After all, it is not just only an ordinary DX Contest but it is our privilege to work and log DX Stations, and our YD/YG operators will be challenged on how to handle the pile-ups waiting for your call!

For further details about the contest check out

If you have more question you can drop your email to:

Your participation for Jakarta DX Contest 2017 will be highly appreciated and it is a great opportunity to Challenge You To The World!

Karsono YB0NDT

20170317 - World Amateur Radio Day

posted Mar 16, 2017, 5:01 PM by News Team

World Amateur Radio Day
We received word from Jason VK3FNQS that The World Radio Network and The World Friendship Net have announced that for the 3rd straight year, they'll be participating in World Amateur Radio Day 2017 on the 18th of April.

You'll find them active on the "World" Conference Server on Echolink and via IRLP node 9251.

According to the group, a positive participation contributed to the success of the event last year. They recorded over 300 check ins, with 33 international stations in 18 different countries. The net ran for 10 hours with 5 different net controllers doing 2 hour shifts. They also had a special event QSL card that was available upon request.

According to the organisers, the 'net last year was the largest event on Echolink.

Join in to celebrate amateur radio all around the world on the 18th of April at 16:00 UTC via Echolink on the "World" Conference server or IRLP node 9251 for the 3rd annual special event to celebrate World Amateur Radio 2017. There will be a special event QSL card available upon request.

You can participate and contribute to a 10 hour net with 5 different net controllers from all over the world.

For questions, get in touch with John W2JLD via email

20170316 - John Moyle Field Day stations

posted Mar 15, 2017, 8:38 PM by News Team

John Moyle Field Day
The annual John Moyle Field Day is on this weekend. Stations from around the state are going portable to make contacts and you can too! The following stations have advised their intended locations:
  • VK6ARN - NewsWest in Bullsbrook
  • VK6AHR - Hills Amateur Radio Group on Mount Dale
  • VK6NC - Northern Corridor Radio Group at Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary
  • VK6QS - Matt, York
  • VK6VF - WA VHF Group, NW corner of Piney Lakes Reserve, Winthrop
  • VK6KCH - Chris and friends, West of Bridgetown

20170315 - WIA RTO still a cause for concern

posted Mar 14, 2017, 7:10 PM by News Team   [ updated Mar 15, 2017, 4:12 AM ]

Justin VK3JUZ and Stephanie VK3WET have shared with us their concerns about the ongoing misinformation being distributed by the Wireless Institute of Australia in relation to the status of training and the legal status of Amateurs licensed since the 31st of July 2014 when Silverdale Training / Trainsafe lost its status as a Registered Training Organisation. These concerns were first published on the VK Forum on the 8th of December 2016.

The WIA continues to assert that there are no concerns, even faced with written documentation to the contrary and has published a fact sheet entitled "WIA licence assessment system complies".

At the heart of this lies a clause of the Deed between the WIA and the Government Regulator, the ACMA:

WIA Nominated RTO means the Registered Training Organisation registered
in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework or other like
organisation appointed by the WIA to qualify Assessors and Learning
Facilitators and generally assist the WIA in the performance of its Statutory

The phrase "in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework or other like organisation" is being interpreted in two ways:
  1. the "or" refers to either a Registered Training Organisation, or another training organisation.
  2. the "or" refers to either an organisation registered with the Australian Quality Training Framework, or an organisation registered with another Training Framework.
The WIA contends that explanation #1 is valid, Justin, Stephanie and many other assessors assert that explanation #2 is correct. The ACMA is not willing to specify and the WIA is claiming that the Deed was altered to accommodate this interpretation, but no evidence of that exists, since the 2016 Deed is identical to the 2009 Deed in this section. The differences between the two deeds are cosmetic, replacing minor typographical items, see page 26 for an example where the Capitalisation of "EXECUTED AS A DEED" is changed to "Executed As A Deed".

The email goes into great detail and is reproduced here with the attachments added below. Also included is a PDF of the posts in the VK Forum as at Wednesday, 15 March 2017 and a copy of the WIA business rules downloaded from the ACMA website:
G'day, fellow Amateur Operators,

Mid-December last year, I made a number of assertions concerning Fred SWAINSTON, currently the Vice President and one of the Directors of the WIA, ( along with his Company, ‘Silverdale Training / Trainsafe’ ) - found within a number of postings of mine, over on

These assertions of mine, were made commencing on Thursday the 8th of December, 2016 - with the last comment of mine relating to Fred, made on Wednesday the 14th of December, 2016.

( To view all of the assertions I had made on this specific Website, [ found under the original Post titled ‘You should FRY - When you LIE!’ ], see this link ;
( At this point, you may now need to join this Forum in order to view this material.  Previously, this was not the case. )

These assertions of mine, were centred around Fred's own Company, 'Silverdale Training / Trainsafe' being utilised by the WIA, as the WIA's nominated Registered Training Organisation - when in fact, to do so was in complete contravention of the WIA's agreed minimums with the ACMA.

I drew an audience to this matter, originally with each and every WIA Learning Facilitator, Assessor and Nominated Assessor in Australia - pointing each of them to this serious breach, via a Posting I had made over on - as discussed above.

Before the conclusion of December last year, Fred had responded to my assertions, ( surrounding the suitability of his Company to be used by the WIA, as the WIA’s ‘Nominated Training Organisation’. )

This response of his, was formally made via eMail - back to each and every single WIA Learning Facilitator, Assessor and Nominated Assessor across Australia, as disclosed below ;

Good Morning All

Erroneous information has been circulated related to the WIA Assessor and Learning Facilitator training and the status of exams conducted by the WIA Assessors.  This erroneous information is related to the Registered Training Organisation status of Trainsafe Australia.

The facts are, that while Michael Owen (SK), was the President the issue of maintaining a Registered Training Organisation purely for WIA training of assessors and learning facilitators would not be a realistic ongoing proposition, due to the high cost of registration, maintenance of an RTO.  These discussions were brought to the ACMA consultation meetings and it was decided that a change to the Deed would be made to allow for flexibility in the Amateur Exam Service into the future.

Providing the training received by Assessors and Learning Facilitators is maintained at an agreed standard, that satisfied ACMA requirements and WIA registration requirements, the status quo has remained since the changes to the Deed.  Bi-annual reports including KPI's are provided to ACMA for review of service provision and maintenance of standards which is part of the Deed reporting requirements.

All exams conducted by WIA Assessors are valid and will continue to be so while the current structure is in place.

Fred Swainston VK3DAC
Trainsafe Australia
WIA Nominated Training Organisation

Although Fred’s response contained no evidence to back his own reply - ( concerning the suitability of Fred’s Company to be utilised by the WIA ) - I myself instead set out to prove that this response of his, was indeed yet another one of his world-famous falsifications of the truth.

( Take note that I have deliberately highlighted in BOLD, Fred’s assertions within his eMailed response - concerning an apparent agreement made between the WIA and the ACMA, surrounding an alleged change to the Deed. )

Given my own personal exposure to Fred’s well established ability to willingly falsify the truth - I now share with you, the broader Amateur Community, the details of this latest ‘bout of deceitful behaviour.

As it is classically stated, Fred - ‘Only the truth will set you free’ -

Well, as it turns out - the outcome of my own investigations has enabled me to provide each of you with two copies of the Deed ;

The first copy, signed by both parties - being the ACMA and the WIA - from back in 2009 ;
( This copy, represents the first occasion that the Deed was due for its first ever renewal, upon completing its very first 'five year term’. )

As can be seen in the ‘Definitions’ Section, ( found towards the bottom on Page 8 ), it is clearly stated that the WIA’s nominated Registered Training Organisation - MUST be a registered entity in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework, ( or other like Federally recognised body. )

Now back in 2009, ( when this version of the Deed was signed ), Fred’s Company, 'Silverdale Training  / Trainsafe', was indeed compliant with this requirement.

- Fast forward to July the 31st, 2014 -

ASQA, the Federal Government Department charged with the responsibility of overseeing the compliance and registration of all Registered Training Organisations in Australia - formally cancelled the RTO status of Fred’s Company, and struck it from the National Register.

Fred’s Company, ‘Silverdale Training / Trainsafe‘ - ( the WIA’s very own nominated Registered Training Organisation ) - from this point forward, ceased to be a valid RTO.

( See this link here - )

- And now, onto the second copy of the Deed -

This copy, although unsigned, was extracted from the WIA’s very own IT Infrastructure, during the second half of last year - 2016.

The actual name of this document, ( from the WIA’s very own IT System ) - is named, ‘ WIA ACMA Deed 2016.pdf ‘, and in its unadulterated form, is clearly - ( apart from a change to the typeface/font ) - identical to its 2009 counterpart.

So there it is -

Fred’s Company formally struck from the Federal Government’s National Register of RTOs - back in the middle of 2014.

The Deed, currently in force between the ACMA and the WIA, clearly stipulating that the WIA by ratified agreement, MUST engage the services of a valid Registered Training Organisation, ( when qualifying Assessors and Nominated Assessors ) - as is also spelled out within the constraints of the WIA Business Rules.

The WIA Business Rules, ( last ratified in 2011 ) - still unchanged, also still mandating that the WIA utilise the services of an RTO, and additionally still available for download from the ACMA’s very own WebSite ;

The Deed additionally clearly stating that the WIA was also permitted to transfer this requirement, across to any other suitably qualified RTO if the need be - ( See Pages 8 and 9, ‘Interpretation’ Section, Part 2.1, clause (e) )

But of course, make no mistake - Fred arrogantly and specifically chose, not to do so.

The only other version of the Deed, ( which appears to be more recent than the existing in-force 2009 ratification ), which was also found on the WIA’s own IT infrastructure - also shows no such change...

A change - which was asserted to have occurred between the WIA and the ACMA by none other than Fred SWAINSTON himself - was circulated out to each of the WIA's Learning Facilitators, Assessors and Nominated Assessors via the above eMail from him, late December last year.

To be 100% certain, [ and playing extra-safe ], additional communications made directly with the ACMA's own Spectrum Management Department - have also confirmed that there has been no change made to the Deed whatsoever, since the signing of the 2009 Copy - provided above for inspection, to each of you.

Fred SWAINSTON, Vice President of the WIA - caught out yet again, falsifying the truth - while currently serving as one of the Directors of the WIA.

Once again, I make the charge that the WIA has been operating in breach of its ratified agreed minimums - with the ACMA.

This shortcoming is to the point where it could successfully be argued that any and all Assessors and Nominated Assessors, qualified by Fred’s Company - ( post the 31st of July, 2014 ) - are completely invalid, null and void.

Further to this, any Amateur Examinations conducted with any of these unqualified Assessors present, could also be successfully argued - as completely invalid as well.

Wake up Australia!

Surely it is time for this incompetent, arrogant, and clearly deceitful individual - to be removed from the WIA forever...

Vote a firm NO-for-SWAINSTON, in the upcoming 2017 WIA Elections - if you have not already done so -

Warmest Regards,

Justin-Ley and Stephanie CRISP

20170312 - VK5 Welcomes Lemmings to Handorf in May

posted Mar 11, 2017, 9:26 PM by News Team

Hahndorf for Radio in May
There's going to be a fantastic activity weekend for Lemmings and their partners at Hahndorf in South Australia that's from 19th to the 21st May 2017.

Apart from the opportunity to catch up with or put faces to fellow Hams there are some great educational and fun activities planned.

The radio clubs of South Australia have banded together to pool expertise and the program looks wonderful as they attempt to rekindle the magic of radio or at least leave you with a new interest that will enhance your enjoyment of our hobby.

There is going to be the introduction of a new manual on low band operating , very topical as we descend to the base of sunspot activity, there will be talks and demonstrations on microwaves, digital TV, operating field portable, high altitude balloon tracking, FreeDV, that open source digital voice to replace HF SSB, promoting the hobby of Amateur radio and how Hams can contribute to the STEM programme that looks at educating School students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  For those attending who do not have a technical interest there is a very attractive partners programme.

There is a dinner on the Saturday night with two informative speakers and for those with clear heads after an evening of carousing on, Sunday morning there is a visit to the National Motor Museum and in the afternoon practical demonstrations of the topics discussed on Saturday afternoon.  The day wraps up with an evening barbecue.

The venue for the meeting is the Adelaide Hills Convention Centre in Hahndorf and this is also the venue for the annual dinner.  The demonstration sessions and the Sunday evening meal are at the Hahndorf oval and the football club rooms.

If you arrive on Friday there is an informal gathering from 5pm at the Haus Cafe followed by a pizza and grazing dinner.

Overall this is an event not to be missed.  Let's have a large VK6 attendance.  Registration, accommodation and other details can be found online:

20170312 - John Moyle Field Day - Logging with VKCL

posted Mar 11, 2017, 4:33 AM by News Team

In preparing for the upcoming John Moyle Memorial Field Day contest, have you worked out how you are going to do your logging? There are a bunch of different awards up for grabs - but if you don't submit your log, you didn't really participate.

You could always take a field book with you, or other scraps of paper, but why not use VKCL?

VK Contest Log, more frequently known as VKCL, is a logging program produced in Australia by Mike, VK3AVV, to cater specifically for Australian radio contests. However, it also provides capability for a number of the bigger international contests. 

It produces a number of different log formats including Cabrillo, the bare bones logging format becoming popular with many contest managers. 

VKCL is freely available on the internet at You can also Google search VKCL, or look for the links from this story on, which include the contest rules from the WIA.

The program is quite mature, and has been used by many people in various contests with great success. 

Download and installation is quite simple and the program has excellent help pages included.

It is important to be sure you have downloaded and tested the latest version of VKCL well before you start your contest, as contest rules change all the time, and new contests are always being added.

Check the VKCL website a couple of weeks out from the contest and if there is a new version download it and be sure to test it well ahead of time. 

As we go to air, the current version is 3.14, released on the 16th of November 2016.

VKCL can be used with third party program called Omni-Rig to read band and frequency data from your radio. It is important to understand that VKCL does not control the radio, only reads information from it.

Of course, Interfacing to your radio is optional, as many people just run the software on their PC and enter the log themselves.

By the way, VKCL isn't only for contesting, you can also easily use it as your own simple station log.


Software Download:

20170312 - VK6WIA - NewsWest For Sunday, March 12, 2017

posted Mar 11, 2017, 3:33 AM by News Team

Lemming News Edition
Welcome to Lemming News, brought to you by the team at WA Amateur Radio News.

We really hope you enjoyed our election special last week - and thanks again to those whos contributions and collaboration allowed us to put it to air for you.

As the West Australian State Government election winds down, the Wireless Institute of Australian Election continues. Have you voted yet? If for some reason you didn't receive your voting paper - be sure to contact the WIA as possible.

So, onto this broadcast. We have an interesting variety for you this week:
  • Some WIA Awards Information for you from Andrew VK6AS 
  • Highlights for the upcoming VK5 WIA AGM in Hahndorf
  • HAARP antenna experiment update from Alaska... YES... Alaska, but there's something in it for us
  • Glynn discusses logging for the upcoming John Moyle Memorial Field Day
  • there's our normal meetings section for VK6 and a few other reminders
  • we have a bunch of other news from around the ‘net
  • and... Roy's Help Line is back, gazzumpted by our election special last week!
We start with Onno, basking in the sound of his own voice... hi... hi...

You can listen to this edition on-air, on-line or on-demand and is available for download every week from the website where you'll find broadcast schedules for many repeaters across the country in VK2, VK3, VK4, VK6, VK7 and VK8. You can also subscribe to the podcast which you'll find on iTunes if you search for our callsign, VK6WIA.

Producer: Glynn, Chief Lemming, VK6PAW

20170307 - VK6RIB off the air

posted Mar 6, 2017, 2:47 PM by News Team

Repeater Update
VK6RIB (145.575 MHz), the Ham College Information Beacon which broadcasts the news and other Amateur Radio information on a two hour cycle is temporarily off air due to a tech fault. Ham college apologies for any inconvenience to our listeners and will rectify the problem as soon as possible.

This and all other repeaters and their status are listed on the Repeater Page. We also maintain a Beacon Page.

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